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What is your (Greatest) Strength?

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Can you help or save the company?
What is your (Greatest) Strength?

      •    To discover the reasons for hiring you
      •    To find out how well you know yourself
      •    To find out if you believe in yourself and are confident that you are the right person for the position

      •    Briefly mention that besides the work skills, training, and/or experience that you would contribute, you also offer job-related qualities such as (list your attributes).  Be ready to back these attributes up with specific illustrations.

      •    My greatest strength is my interpersonal skill.  My manager told me that I was able to handle anger customers, or those customers who were difficult to handle, and was able to create good working environment

What is Your Salary Expectation

Lets Talk Salary
How much is my service worth?
What is Your Salary Expectation

      •    To find out how close you come to what are they willing to pay and if you are realistic about current salary ranges and rates
      •    To get an idea of your own sense of self-worth

    Answers and examples
      •    Express your interest in working for them and request more specific information about the job description if you need it, stating that your responsibilities will influence the salary.  “I am negotiable and ready to discuss an amount which is fair to both of us, and takes into account my responsibilities and qualifications.”
      •    Politely say I’m really interested in finding out what salary range you are offering”
      •    If the employers are obviously interested in hiring you, or insist on an answer name an amount or range that you know is realistic

Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job

how do you answer why did you leave your last job in a job interview
Now! Give us reasons not to hire you!
Why Do You Want to Leave Your Current Job    

      •    To discover any problems you have that would be a reason not to hire you
      •    To assess your attitude towards employers, supervisors, policies, organization changes, or difficulties situations

      •    Find something positive to say about your former company and its personnel
      •    Briefly state your reason for leaving
      •    If you left on good terms or have a good letter reference from your last job, say so
      •    If you left on bad terms, keep in mind that your interviewer may check references Mention what the employers appreciated about you, some of your work achievement

      •    The contract was ended
      •    The company downsized due to a merger/the economy/other
      •    To re-assess my career
      •    We just didn’t see eye to eye
      •    We just didn’t see eye to eye
      •    I did a career evaluation and realized that the position I am applying for is really evaluate my own career goals and development